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Custom Painting

RSD Painting LtdĀ provides interior and exterior painting services in commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential environments. It uses various types of paint including, latex, acrylics, alkyds and enamels, and is familiar with all types of paints and applications. It can operate cherry-picker, man lifts, scissor and boom lifts.
WCB covered and liability insured.

Scope of Painting Services:

Roller and brush painting
Spray painting and HVLP
Paper hanging
Regular size (European) vinyl and wallpaper
Freehand cutting
Special Coatings



RSD Painting LtdĀ specializes in decorative faux-finishing for commercial, retail, hospitality, and residential projects.

Scope of Faux-Finishing Services:

Decorative Plasters
Venetian; Lime; Mud; Marbelux; Pearl; Carolina and Tuscany Stone Effects; StoneFX

Glazed Finishes
Ragging; Positive Ragging; Negative Ragging; Cheese clothing; Rag Rolling; Sponging; Sponge Washing; Brush Washing; Color Washing; Frottage; Spattering; Dragging; Crackle Effects; Fresco; Lime wash; Cloth Distressing; Stippling; Block Printing; Sponge Printing; Porphyry; Combing; Mediterranean;Vertical & Horizontal Stripe Finishes

Aged Surfaces
Ornamental Finishes; Old World Finishes; Lime Washing; Crackling; Smoked Finish; Verdigris Effect; Sandstone; Stone Blocking; Shaker; Distressed Plaster; Rubbed-Back Plaster; Mock Plaster; Faux Brick

Metallic leaf applications in gold, silver, copper, or variegated leaves, i.e. blue & red; 14K & 24K gold leafing; Oxidation; Patination; Distressing; Metallic Powders; Liquid Gold; Aging Glazes

Damask; Stencil Rolling; 3D Old World; Block Printing; Sponge Printing; Harlequin; Custom Stenciling

Regular Size (European) Wallpaper; Lincrusta; Decoupage; Anaglypta; Special Wall- papers; Aged Prints

Certain faux-finishing techniques listed above can also be applied on to moldings, ornaments, and furniture

We welcome all other faux-finishing requests that are not listed above.