Vekker Clocks

Colossal Wall Clocks

4 to 6 feet in diameter

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Time after time, for centuries, clocks have served us as timeless art pieces over and above their practical application. Today, colossal clocks by Vekker can also offer you that definitive artistic building landmark or that central conversational art piece in your business space or home.

Vekker Clocks designs, constructs, and faux-finishes colossal wall clocks for the following:

  • Hospitality, Commercial, and Retail Spaces
  • Heritage Projects
  • High end Residential Projects
  • Institutional and Religious Centers

Our custom design may also include special inscriptions and motifs for corporate and family signature clocks.

Choices of indoor and outdoor styles range from different shapes and finishes. Outdoor colossal clocks are custom made using the same construction techniques as indoor clocks but using a variety of waterproof materials. We combine both technology and quality craftsmanship to produce our decorative colossal clocks.


Moldings around the clock dial are made of a lightweight material and range in different shapes and sizes, designs and decorative finishes.
The client can also design their own molding shapes and decide on faux-finish techniques.


Our dials range in size from four feet (4’) up to six feet (6’) in diameter. For larger than six feet – available upon request.

We use the Roman numeral system for our dials but the client can decide on an alternative numeral system.

The client may decide on the size and shape of the dial or design their own.

Clock Hands

Our colossal clock’s hour and second hands are custom made and are available in different sizes and designs.

Clock Mechanism

For our plug-in clock mechanism to operate, it requires an electrical outlet on the wall behind the clock where it would be hidden.

In the event of a power failure, a master clock controller is built-in to automatically readjust the time when the power turns on again. The clock runs at ten times the normal speed until the correct time is shown on the dial.

Clock mechanism guarantee up to three(3) years from date of purchase.

Clock Weight

The clock weight varies from approximately 60 pounds (small clocks) to 200 pounds (large clocks). Clock weight depends largely on the moldings chosen.


Installation can vary from using floor stands, hung from a wall or ceilings. The clock comes with heavy duty steel mounting brackets “A, B, & C’. ‘A’ is the hook for the wall installation to secure into several studs or alternatively other surfaces, such as, concrete. ‘B’ is the loop located on the back of the clock. ‘C’ is a metal ring connected to ‘B’ and it is a lifting device to hand the clock properly.

Lifting procedure will be explained for the new clock owner. Vekker Clocks provides complimentary service for installation in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Additional costs for installation by Vekker Clocks would be incurred by the purchaser. For example:  travel costs (outside of Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada); transport packaging/ shipping; equipment rental such as, lift and boom lift.

Prior to clock installation, the purchaser is responsible to ensure the wall or ceiling structure is strong enough to support the clock weight.

Additional Features:


  • Rope Light: installed into the molding for night vision
  • Digital Westminster Chime: melody with built-in speaker/ Hour Strike System


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